Hulu Plus for PS3 and Samsung TV – a sad review

After Hulu had announced their Hulu Plus Service everyone immediately ran for their invitation, eve though the service itself is not free like you'd expect it to be (well at least for the first 30 days?) Just like everyone else i was excited to receive an invitation to my inbox about a week after:

I had many plans as to where and how to use Hulu:

  • enjoy it on my iPhone 4
  • watch it on my Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV i just bought for $2400
  • install an app onto my PS3

It worked fine on my iPhone 4 with a decent quality over lame AT&Ts 3G network, but when i tried to make my TV work with it i was unpleasantly surprised.

It appears that even my TV model was quite new this particular series does not support Samsung Applications store, which makes installing Hulu Streamer Application impossible on it:

Sucks! But what about my PS3 slim? I heard Hulu is available for it.

Despite nice reviews posted everywhere about it, you have to become PlayStation Network member for a pesky $50 a year to make it work on your PS3. This would add up to $170 a year for a TV service with commercials in every episode, every 30 minutes. Ugh.

Given all this and the hype Hulu Plus had created it left me pissed off. Sigh... Let's hope Apple will come up with a better version of the TV-stream service on their September 1st event.

UPDATE: Hulu Plus is now free for PlayStation users! No need to have premium membership.

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Friday, August 27th, 2010 Reviews

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