On New York City life brokers

Hacks Thoughts

New York City is a fun place to live and work, and absolutely anyone can make money here with professions you would never imagine could pay well.

Some of those occupations don’t even require much education, with compensations, mostly percentage based, shooting up to the sky.

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Re-inventing Instagram with Hash49.COM

Grails Thoughts Web Design

Instagram has a problem.

It’s quite easy to snap a photo and apply filter from the Instagram app, but what’s the use of your media, if only you or your followers can see it? Digital content accumulated for years stored in the cloud with only select ones being able to see it. How about making it public and easy to navigate?

Another thing, is Instagram’s website user interface, or rather no interface.

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Fleet tracking with AT&T location API

Hacks PHP Web Design

When I got approached by a client to deliver GPS tracking solution for an upcoming “Cloudy 2 With A Chance of Meatballs” foodimobile tour, I must admit I wasn’t sure where to begin. Building a website with map showing current location of the tour truck was something I haven’t done before and with due date looming I had to carefully think before making any decisions.

One of the first things I’ve thought of was a GPS device itself. What should it be, and how will I communicate with it?

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