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What I have learned recovering Linode slice on the weekend

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Don’t be afraid to break things nature of which you don’t yet understand. As my recent experience shows, the more you break – the more you learn.

Since I started using Linode, I’ve never actually dealt with the Linux much mostly running “apt-get install” or “apt-get upgrade” to make new things available in the environment, and occasionally changing .conf files to tune things up. As setups were getting more complicated (or so I thought by adding more and more to .conf files) a fear of all this being down one day and inability to restore it quickly grew on me.

I mean what if you have nginx/php/MySQL setup on your Linode and as a result of some system issue slice is no longer bootable? What do you do? Who do you run for help to? continue reading »

Calling card company in the cloud

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With recent multiplication of cloud telecom provider like Twilio, Plivo, Tropo, Nexmo, TelAPI, Apifon…. and many more popping out every day, I had this idea about how easy it should be now to build a calling card solution based completely in the cloud and on one of the provider’s rich API. A weekend or so of coding, thought I and it should be ready for production! But little did I know about what it takes to create something as simple as a calling card service.

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Party playlist : JS/JSON + YouTube

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Update: Initially purchased did not get enough traffic to keep it viable, this this project resides at

I have been to quite a number of parties recently, where host’s entertainment options were limited to a TV with audio system and/or connected iPod/iPhone. Thus a library of music/videos at times was old, not updated and let’s be honest only to the likes of the host.

To fix something like this you have two options, bring content with you and bother with setup to connect, or get a source of media which will be accessible in most setups and make sure this source constantly updated with fresh music/vids. This is how came to life. 90% Javascript and 10% php, like anything simple and brilliant it was done in one day.

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