Testing web application with Internet Explorer via virtual machine and port forwarding

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Create tunnel from Windows machine into your Mac

Create tunnel from Windows machine into your Mac

For all of you front-end developers out there, this could be a rare but very good find. It saved me time when working on styling of a web application and I am sharing it with you here today.

How many times have you thought about seamlessly testing an application you run on the localhost under Windows’ most favorite browser – Internet Explorer? While many of you test by running virtual machine and pointing browser to the host Mac’s IP (e.g. to load the page, sometimes the application running on the host does something (in my case SSO – Single Site Sign-on) that redirects you back precisely to localhost server name only. In addition, your front-end application might use REST endpoint running on the same machine under a different port. To address this, we are going to create a tunnel between Windows virtual machine and your host Mac, so that Internet Explorer would feel “integrated” into Mac OS.

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What I have learned recovering Linode slice on the weekend

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Don’t be afraid to break things nature of which you don’t yet understand. As my recent experience shows, the more you break – the more you learn.

Since I started using Linode, I’ve never actually dealt with the Linux much mostly running “apt-get install” or “apt-get upgrade” to make new things available in the environment, and occasionally changing .conf files to tune things up. As setups were getting more complicated (or so I thought by adding more and more to .conf files) a fear of all this being down one day and inability to restore it quickly grew on me.

I mean what if you have nginx/php/MySQL setup on your Linode and as a result of some system issue slice is no longer bootable? What do you do? Who do you run for help to? continue reading »

Your new website should not be static

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Working on a recent website project got me thinking about future of modern content design and delivery. It is often we think about the website as a bunch of static pages which are changed once a week (or once a month) based on the feedback from Google Analytics and figures from sales. This is, however, is not how I feel it should be in the year 2015.

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How to keep safe and protected online in five easy steps



In this world of ever-changing technology, keeping safe on the internet is of paramount importance. The dangers of going online can range from sharing your personal social media profiles to sharing your payment details, and it’s important that you know how to look after yourself before committing to that click. To find out how to keep safe online, read our easy five-step guide.

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