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Experiencing the negative : airbnb

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With so much hype surrounding I was eager to try em out and see for myself, how easy would it be to ditch hotel uber-expensivness and stay in Boston on a budget with 4 people in my party. The task was simple – coming to Boston on Saturday I needed a place for two nights. I started my search about three weeks before the planned trip dates. Hotel rooms were at least $350 a night, and we needed two of them, which would total $1500 with taxes. Adding train tickets at $49.00 each way (oh, remind me to write another post about Amtrak pricing / service too) would make this one a hell-of-a-tour in this economy with $1900 spent in just 3 days for transportation and lodging.

I also did not know, that if you cancel your reservation no matter how many days/hours prior the arrival date, greedy refunds you everything, except their fees.

Eventually I was able to find a place to stay, which was almost last minute. But after learning about their policy of not refunding the 10% service fee they charge on top of the rental, I doubt I will use em again. With sites like VRBO.COM and Homeaway.COM it’s almost the same properties, except the nice interface and iPhone app.

Anyways, with searches returning apartments from $185 a night, the deal sounded great, but wait until it goes down to business – and see what came out of all this.

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Escape New York City stress in Catskills

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Weekend cottage in Catskills

A hectic life of newyorker has its benefits and most definitely drawbacks. Our coffee-infused culture at times makes it completely unbearable to be productive at work and social with friends, balancing the rest at the same time. When days start going by too fast and I take weekends to sleep until noon, I know it’s time to leave big city and go back to nature…

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What is FindRoomRent.COM and why I built it

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Update: I have shut down FindRoomRent.COM, and domain is available through Godaddy. The project did not spin off due to numerous factors. This article is kept here to illustrate the idea and implementation.

Dealing with people is always hard – different characters, likes, lifestyles and a ton of other variables. It gets more interesting when you are trying to find a roommate. There are of course no ideal ones. But while you search you get to meet a lot of interesting individuals. And hopefully you won’t get scammed, or even robbed as some shady people like to “preview” places before they break in…

Craigslist comes handy, but they warn you every step of the way about possible fraud…there are as well a few other sites, but hey, what an ugly 90s design they have:

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Increasing your startup productivity by investing into your employees physical activities

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I am lucky I work out with a personal trainer, having Complete Body & Spa as one of my clients. At first, I simply wanted to loose weight. This took 2 years of extreme sweat. While most of the workouts back then I was suffering, things got better with time and I definitely got stronger, built some muscle and lost weight. As time went by, I realized that working out on a regular basis gives you productivity boost, ability “to get through” and this incredible drive for self-development.

Another thing I have noticed was increased concentration and ability to solve problems which I would not even try to take on before. I have never dealt with Linux before, but somehow I started using Linode and got pretty good in installing stuff onto VPS box and tuning it. On my road to easier and more sophisticated frameworks I learned Grails and wrote my first serious project.

My usual routine now is gym 3x a week and cardio every day for 30 minutes. On a good day running outside with your iPod listening to the right podcast track can be quite uplifting.

I will not go in explaining here what should startups do for their employees, but look – we all work seated and rarely move. So making gym classes mandatory for everyone capable in the team is a great idea. Not paying for the gym membership, but forcing people to attend different sorts of classes and checking their attendance!

If I were to run a company, this for sure would be my first executive order.