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Why you don’t need to have a website today unless you are a corporation


When I see people looking to create their website I start to smile. Little do they know that after spending time designing and re-designing it, populating and re-writing content they will end up spending ten times more time promoting in order to get traffic. Waste of time and energy vs. having yourself listed on “social web” in minutes and creating an army of followers – is what they all miss.

If all you care of is business and connections, why create something and try to spin it out when it is already out there for you? With ton of traffic flowing and tools helping you grow.

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Killing inner creativity with full time job


I had a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine about all sorts of things and one in particular – his job. Somehow we have slipped into the issue of his boss being incompetent and at the same time insecure, controlling every step my fellow makes.

I have raised this topic once already, speaking about people slowing down company growth by taking positions they are not qualified for. This time it’s rather about this and something else i realized while listening to this story. continue reading »