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Party playlist : JS/JSON + YouTube

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Update: Initially purchased did not get enough traffic to keep it viable, this this project resides at

I have been to quite a number of parties recently, where host’s entertainment options were limited to a TV with audio system and/or connected iPod/iPhone. Thus a library of music/videos at times was old, not updated and let’s be honest only to the likes of the host.

To fix something like this you have two options, bring content with you and bother with setup to connect, or get a source of media which will be accessible in most setups and make sure this source constantly updated with fresh music/vids. This is how came to life. 90% Javascript and 10% php, like anything simple and brilliant it was done in one day.

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Sending text messages with Twilio from MS Access


As I have started using Twilio in my applications extensively, for one of the clients there was a need to send out texts from the MS Access database application. After looking around, I have read about MS Outlook text messaging service, but most of the providers were quite shady, so I had decided to write code myself. Which I am sharing now with you.
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Writing Twitter Bot, the “intellectual one”, in php

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What is Twitter? For many it is a place to brag about everyday life events and post pictures. Some use it to promote themselves, corporations and alikes try to provide “customer service” using Twitter and other folks are doing all sorts of things from selling knock-offs to completely illegal stuff.

This article is about how you can use Twitter to promote a site, service or anything you’d like to the tweeps.

It is apparent, that searching for a keyword or a key phrase and responding to all of those would take a lot of time, so we are going to use automated scrip (a twitter [ro]bot), which will do all the job for us.

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Installing Windows 7 with Silicon Image 3112 RAID Controller – where to get the right driver?


Windows 7 is definitely an awesome piece of software. Sounds funny when such words come out from me, Apple hardware and software fan. Yet, this post is about troubles i had while setting up Windows 7 on a client PC with Silicon Image 3112 RAID Controller.

Despite Windows 7 being aware about most of the drivers for most of controllers it did not recognize my RAID card when booting from the installation DVD. After googling around and looking for the right driver on numerous forums, i found two places: an official Microsoft forum post and Station-Drivers.COM page. Some of the posters suggested that you need to update your controller’s BIOS in order for the driver to work, however in my case it was not necessary. After a few tests with different versions of drivers from Station-Drivers.COM i finally succeeded. continue reading »

Apache vs. Nginx – testing performance under heavy load

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It has come to my attention, when a client of mine recently experienced unexpected traffic spike, that some industry standard solutions not always work or should i say not 100% reliable all the time. My client’s server setup was an-old-school Apache 2.2/mod_php WordPress blog installation. One day they posted some “hot-buzz” celebrity photos and server had become non-responsive under the traffic flow. Of course, at that time i was unaware about high-availability setups and never imagined scenarios like this one, when you get monthly volume of visitors during the 24 hour period.

Since then i have researched a lot of places online and found, that Apache web server is not the only solution to the hosting setup problem. Many others exist and those others, event quite “beta”, allow for the great tolerance for the high volume traffic.

Today i’d like to share with you my test results for my current server setup – LEMP or Linux, nginx (Engine-x), MySQL, PHP-FPM versus my old setup for this blog: LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Both of those are on the Linode VPS (Linode 360). Before getting rid of the old server configuration i booted it one more time and ran tests using guys from LoadImpact to determine how will each of these survive under the load of 10-20-30-40-50 simulations requests.

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