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Zip a folder on the server with php

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I have a spent a day today figuring how to zip a client’s web site folder on a Godaddy shared Linux hosting today (they made sure users don’t have SSH access on those) in order to transfer it to another server.¬†Apparently, given the limitations of the account setup the best way was to write a php script by executing which i would zip the given folder contents, so that then i could copy just one file and unzip it on the target server.

And it can’t be easier than that – if you have a folder, which contains a number of other folders and files in them the script below lets you add to the zip file quickly and easily:

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Nokia N75 – de-branding and updating firmware

Nokia N75 promo

Nokia N75 promo

Nokia N75 has had a huge success as a first descent USA 3G phone and is being used by many, but little do you know that Cingular/AT&T had removed some of the features from its firmware. Of course there is an official, Nokia-branded firmware available to make your phone more stable. This procedure is called de-branding. In case you are looking to do it now – look further down: continue reading »