Ichi Umi – awesome sushi buffet in Midtown


When I used to live in Brooklyn finding good sushi place was not a problem. Because majority of Russian immigrant population of Southern Brooklyn are fans of quality fresh fish over rice, I had plenty of places to choose from.

When I moved to the city a question of finding such place was left to Google and Yelp. But I was still secretly hoping that for the same amount of money I used to pay for fish in Brooklyn I will get the same amount in the same quality. Less of all I hoped for an ultimate treat such as sushi buffet, until friend of a friend told me about Ichi Umi in the eastern part of Korea Town.

Since then I am somewhat of a frequent visitor here. Given the variety and quality I think everyone will appreciate this finding. Check out some of the ‘blurrypics’ I took.

Ichi Umi sushi fish variety

Here is a “sweet” section:

Come and enjoy this place during the week or on the weekend:

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